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Title: My favorite job - Teacher - Oak2-29
Post by: Oak2-29 on July 02, 2008, 09:12:20 pm
    My favorite job is teachers. Because teacher is very important for every people,  teacher can teaches people to be good and my aunt is a teacher.  A teacher is someone who teach student.  Teacher is very tired job because they are interresting to study the students.  Some teachers can change job to another job but they don't do it.  It make i think they love the students very much.  My aunt always say to me " When the students have mistake the teacher can take them to make change ".  Many people and some students think the teachers are very angry people in sometimes.  But i think it not true!!!!!!.  the teachers love us students but if they don't angry to students.  The students can change us habits to bad people. If many people think teacher is bad job in many thing.  But i think teacher is a good job ;D.

Title: Re: My favorite job - Teacher - Oak2-29
Post by: sara123 on October 28, 2015, 11:43:17 pm
When we talk about favorite job we think directly of doctors bisnessman architect  ,etc..
You know how many personnes work as window washers or maid ...
you don't know that 50./. families in this world are poor .
while they are, we have others that eat with a spoon of gold!!!!!!!
where is our consciousness .Where is  the justice .....
I know that I have exceeded the limits of the subject but I always like to talk about the things they did wrong my heart that I can not stand not ignore.