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Title: Teacher Borisí Thoughts: Making a career choice
Post by: TBoris on April 22, 2008, 10:24:42 am

   Your life as M6 students isnít simple at all. A student before graduation has to make important decisions. These decisions will shape his or her life. I have met many students who asked me for advice about making career plans. Most students felt depressed because their parents tried to decide over them on their future job and therefore on a program students will enroll at university. My point is that this situation is common and you donít need to feel so desperate. One way to try to convince your parents to let you make a career choice is to tell the parents how you really feel. Discuss the pros and cons of your choice. Try! If you donít try, you wonít get anything.

Good luck! Feel free to talk about how you feel about this topic!